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    1. Acknowledge The Individuals
    Respect begets respect.
    Act and communicate in matured and civilized manner.
    Exercise good manners and right conduct.

    2. Do NOT Play With Fire
    Fueling the fire does not causes any good most of the time.
    Flaming is not healthy in any way at all.
    Avoid flaming and observe proper Net-etiquette.
    Harassment is attacking another person physically, verbally, sexually or emotionally. Now, we don't want to hurt other's feelings, right?

    3. Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
    Quality posts please.
    Posting or creating a topic with just an emoticon, or bunch of emoticons, are not tolerated.
    Out of topic posts. Threads each have their own topic, avoid posting irrelevant discussions or opinions.
    Double posting is characterized by posting twice in succession. To avoid all these, please use the edit button. Excuses like internet lag will be accepted but of course, the time of your posts is the evidence if you are guilty of not.
    Replying on the Report Abuses is not welcome unless you are the topic starter or the suspect.

    4. Profanities and Offensive Figures.
    Uttering cursing/obscene/sexual/racism remarks is extremely not allowed.
    Signatures and Avatars that contain images, and words that are considered offensive, scandalous, libelous and immoral are not permitted.

    5. Look Both Left and Right Before You Cross The Street
    When you create a thread or topic, make sure they don't exist yet.
    Posting in a wrong thread is not right. Neither creating a topic on a wrong forum.
    Use an appropriate language on the right forum. Strictly English on the main board.

    6. ABABAB Talking
    This is a forum, not a chat room where you can freely talk with each other.
    Person A: Hey! Did you know ---
    Person B: Yeah ! I heard about that ---
    Person A: Who told you that ? ---
    Person B: Blablablablabla ...

    7. Server Advertisement
    Discussing other servers in any form (e.g. encouraging others to play this other RO) is highly not permitted.

    8. Dress Appropriately
    Signatures and Avatars that contain images and words that are considered as offensive, scandalous, libelous and immoral are not allowed. Read the Signature Guidelines here.

    9. Save Yourself or Suffer
    Using another member's account to post while the main account is suspended is not allowed and so is lending your account to a suspended member.
    Using another member's account/creating a second account for the intention of fraud, or violating any rule of the board is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with extreme prejudice.

    10. Whiners
    Nobody likes a whiner. We're not omnipresent beings to monitor every members and posts, if someone had gotten away with a violation and another one didn't, that doesn't necessarily mean we're bias. Make yourself useful.. the report button works and it's preferable that you use it to report offenders, rather than stink up the whole neighborhood with your whining.
    If you're pissed with one of the officers, don't just go around picking fights and arguments. Post a proper appeal in the Report Section in a calm and civilized manner, or better yet if you can settle it through pm then why not make that your first option.

    11. Donate items
    We do not trade items /transfer items to other servers.

    12. Transferring to other server - Yes you can do that, that is your choice but we do not accept transferring of items.

    Reminder: Any topic that has no reply within 3 or more weeks will be automatically moved to Recycle Bin.

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