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    Blue’s Gunslinger Guide Empty Blue’s Gunslinger Guide

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    Blue’s Gunslinger Guide

    This guide is aimed for beginners who wish to play the class.

    1. What is a gunslinger?
    2. Stats and builds
    3. Skills
    4. Gears
    5. PvM and MvP Aspects
    6. PvP Aspects
    7. WoE : First Edition

    1. What is a Gunslinger?
    – Is this the class for me?
    · In a nutshell, a Gunslinger is a raw damage dealer.
    · They revolve around high % atk modifier skills and the ability to deal a huge amount of damage in a short time to multiple or single targets.
    · This is a class for people who like to:
    · Kill several people with AoE attacks.
    · Inflict high damage to multiple targets in a short period of time.
    · Have an organized guild that actually cares about them to Woe with.

    2. Stats and Builds
    – What works and what doesn’t.
    As mentioned before a gunslinger revolves around dealing a huge amount of damage in a short time.
    What does that mean? Gunslingers revolve around skillfire mostly, normal attacks are not useful to the GS’s purpose due to low DPS.
    A brief explanation on what each stat does for a GS:
    Strength is used in a build order to carry HP/SP recovery items during woe mostly.
    It will also allow you to carry more armors, weapons, etc, a pretty vital stat.
    The agility stat is best left at 1 point, due to the fact that it does nothing for a good, balanced Gunslinger build.
    This is because:
    · Normal attacks are weak and you won’t kill anything worth killing with them.
    · It takes more time to kill something than if you just simply skill fire in PvM.
    · Agility doesn’t have any effect such as cooldown reductions and stuff like that on any of the good skills such as rapid shower, desperado, and full buster.
    · A Gunslinger’s flee is a joke. It can be easily topped by any class (talking about your average decent 99 trans).
    · Completely useless in Woe builds due to the reason stated above, and also because it takes points which are much more needed to feed your Dex/vit/int/str.
    Here are a few questions you may have in mind:
    Q: Hey but I can still use skills even if I do take agi!
    A: You don’t have the SP for that. An agility Gunslinger’s SP is pretty laughable in terms of how fast it runs out.

    Q: But what if I balance it with all the other stats? Hybrid agility with vit and what not!
    A: Why would you waste points to get agility if they can be used in other areas where they actually make an impact on your build? By the time you’re 9x(which is very soon with these rates), actively woeing, PvPing, and MvPing, you’ll see the agility you took for whatever reasons becomes just wasted stat points that could’ve been used for str, vit, or int. If your server has a resetter then this is not problem.

    Q: Hey, I can still use SP potions to regen SP you know!
    A: An agility GS will still have low SP, so even if you spam RJs or whatever to regen sp you’ll be basically just skill firing(see the irony here) see, this is where int comes into play.
    I should mention a good 7x int GS doesn’t really have SP problems, especially under magnificant+RJs. In PvM with SP gears, under the effects of magnificant your SP regen rate and SP itself is enough.
    Throw in some basic SP gears and you’ll rarely have to sit.

    Q: Hey But I like to attack fast with normals, chain action and I can do 1k damage per hit!
    A: In my experience, if you want a class attacking fast and strong with normal attacks, make a sniper. Gunslingers have awesome skills, so make use of that.
    7x is a good number in my experience. This will give you a good resistance to stun, nice HP, and nice healing from pots. Rounds at multiples of 5(With this I mean, every 5 vit you get a bonus to your HP regeneration rate.).
    Intelligence is used for regenerating SP, increasing max SP and recovery rate from SP items, and MDef.
    Int rounds up at multiples of 6, making a base of 60 somewhat a magic number, thanks to the job bonus of +2.
    taking bless into account, your int becomes 72.
    Source of atk and hit. From my experience, having 99 Dex isn’t necessary.
    There are however several options for your total dex, it basically depends on your focus, Pure PvP or all-around hybrid.
    All-around hybrid can either be 92+18 or 93+17 (going for a total of 120 with blessing), the choice is all about whether you want to use double alligator
    carded gloves, or Alligator+Refined safety ring. This is taking Increase accuracy into account, read below the skill explanation below for some stuff that
    might be troubling you about this. For a balanced dex a GS needs +3 dex food, which is very easy to get.
    Luck can be left at 9 to gain some protection against some stat effects or at 1 by using the resetter.
    Recommended Stat point allocation
    · Str 1-2x-3x
    · Agi 1
    · Int 6x-8x (7x-8x aren’t meant for WoE builds)
    · Vit 6x-7x
    · Dex 9x-120 (Don’t go 99 please. It is far from necessary and you need those points elsewhere.)
    · Luk 1-9 (Use the resetter or not)

    3. Skills
    – Trigger happy slingin’ action.
    Alright time to shed some light on what skills are good and which ones are worthless.
    I’ll save you reading time first.
    Skills you must get:
    · Rapid Shower lvl.10
    · Fullbuster lvl.10
    · Desperado lvl.10
    · Increase accuracy
    Onwards to explanations. Here is a link to the effect and description for each skill if you are not familiar with them.
    Rapid Shower
    Spammable attack skill, only works with revolvers.
    Agility doesn’t affect this skill’s after cast delay.
    common usage in woe and pvp is interruption and harassment.
    Destructive 1300% atk shotgun skill.
    It has a nasty 3 seconds after-cast skill delay at lvl.10 as well as a small chance to blind you.
    Take note, this skill should be a finishing attack. never open with it or just use this,
    It will only 1 hit KO targets that do not have a cranial shield (Thara Frog Card inside a shield).
    Against a fully geared target that is not a paladin, you can expect it to hit somewhere between 1,2k and 2,5k. depends on assumptio and other buffs on the target.
    A gunslinger’s real source of damage.
    Weapon switch or cranial shield after its done casting , the situations where you should do that are common sense.
    Desperado is a melee attack so it ignores pneuma. It gets blocked by safety wall, however each hit desperado lands counts as a single one.
    In my experience eating a safety wall with desperado relies in luck, which translates to unreliable. When a priest uses safety wall, switch to statusing rapid showers.
    In theory, Desperado is a 500% atk per hit 7×7 AoE skill which lands anywhere from 0 to 10 hits in random directions, it has a 50 sp cost at level 10.
    In practice, this translates to an AoE skill which strikes an average of 4-6 hits against your target, but it can also land 1-3 hits. The closer you are to your opponent, the more chances for desperado to deal more hits.
    A proper infernal desperado(i.e. decent build) in your average PvP/Woe (raydric, Cranial, featherB) target, will inflict roughly 2k damage while using silver bullets (always use silver bullets).
    Taking assumptio into play, it gets reduced of course. This skill is particularly deadly in WoE against emp breaking SinXs and LKs, that is, people who default Evil druid Armor.
    It’s not an option for a decent SinX/LK, due to the presence of other certain classes. Of course, chances are as a GS, you’ll be stuck in a non-serious guild, or a non-organized one sadly.
    Increase Accuracy
    Very helpful to complete Dex in WoE builds. It basically gives you a free Nimble Glove (+4 dex) for 1 minute.
    This means more stat points can be used for Vit/Int or STR, and a free accessory slot for some more defense. You need 4 coins to trigger this skill. To use coin flip, just unequip your weapons, and with a zerk pot and buffs you’ll get 10 coins in a matter of seconds.
    Increase accuracy should be used wisely, that is, before any real action that is worth it.
    Now you can skip this part because those are the only skills you really need to know about but I’ll give some information on the rest of the Gunslinger’s skill tree.
    Single Action
    Useless beyond lvl.5 which is the prerequisite for Dust.
    This skill is useless due to the fact that agility/aspd based gunslingers are no good.
    Last Stand
    Useless, unpractical skill that only lasts 15 seconds, where you have to wait a few more seconds for the the cooldown of its activation to go off, making its duration even shorter.
    Last stand is a skill, which may seem good(+100 atk(not 100%, just 100) and +20% aspd) but it is actually a low DPS, sack of failure. It works best with handguns but damage isn’t comparable to how fast you would be dealing it with other skills without so much investment. It is also used with gatlings but it fails even harder, due to the single reason that Gatlings suck due to low base damage and only 1 slot, the duration of 15 seconds, and how it requires and agility build. This is pretty much The skill for people who go for gatlings, but it is so terrible that I feel like getting hit for leveling an agility slinger in a 3x just to see how this skill failed in action, back in the day anyways.
    Gatling fever
    The only gatling gun skill, which sucks like the gun it is for, The moment you trigger this, is the moment you get raped.
    This skills increases ASPD by 20%(for new people reading this, no this is not zomg high aspd. It’s a pretty standard self buff for some classes, but the difference is that the other classes’ buff doesn’t suck as much. An increases atk by 120 at lvl.10 (that’s not zomg high damage either. Real damage comes from multiple slots, something gatling guns lack). The skill itself is stupid because it is meant for agility builds. It automatically rapes agility builds, the moment you trigger it because your movement speed gets reduced to the point where agi’d down people walk faster, and it also reduces your flee by 50%.
    There are no real uses. Here’s the charm, you deal more damage with a pair of handguns with chain action lvl.10 than with this and a carded butcher.
    Gunslinger’s Panic/Adjustment
    This skill can be good or bad and it is bad for Woe. It is decent for pvp if you abuse status resetter.
    The skill consumes 2 coins to get -30 Hit and +30 Flee, and receive 20% less damage from long range physical attacks for 20 seconds.
    it is a fun skill mostly. It was indeed fun stacking this with alligator accessories, cranial shield , feather beret and noxious.
    But in a real build, you have to sacrifice a lot of good skills in order to get this, which isn’t that great for WoE.
    Bull’s Eye
    This skill pierces Cicada Skin Shed (that ninja skill).
    Ninjas usually die within a few hits. With a decent skill build, you should have room for this.
    Triple action
    Bad skill. It has low DPS despite how spammable it looks and is agility based, which means it is useless.
    Magical bullet
    Terrible skill, yet another skill in the bunch of useless Gunslinger skills.
    It deals ghost damage and takes your MATK into consideration. This skill doesn’t consume a bullet,
    i.e. waste of skill points, because:
    · You should be always using silver bullets
    · You shouldn’t be worrying about bullets. Ever.
    Unpractical skill. You can kill your target in the time you stun it.
    Same as above but this skill lowers def.
    Chain action
    This is an agility Gunslinger skill.
    Useless in a WoE build; you won’t kill anything with normal attacks.
    A prerequisite for some skills which are needed. I’ve never really used it, mostly due to its fixed cast time. Anyone smart can simply outhide,
    and I can kill that person in the same time it takes to fire, but with other skills.
    You will still need it at lvl.10 anyways, just for other skills. Some not so well known facts:
    · Tracking doubles your current hit when it strikes.
    · Tracking is supposed to crit. Go pester eAthena to fix it.
    This is a dueling build skill, but not for a WoE skill build. If you have an organized guild to WoE with, you should be hunting GR/ED users, not disarming them.
    Disarm is aspd based so it isn’t reliable. From experience, even with 1 agility, a Gunslinger that uses a berserk potion can spam it decently with handguns.
    Wounding shot
    Unpractical skill, bleeding won’t help kill anyone who knows what he/she is doing.
    By the way, the bleeding chance doesn’t stack with say a triple breeze branch + bloody bullets + The skill.

    Dust/crowd control shot
    A knock-back skill and a prerequisite for full buster. Somewhat useful for pvp dueling (somewhat because you WILL get ganged anyways).
    It is not blocked by pneuma. One drawback is due to that reason, you have to be close to the opponent, as opposed to arrow repel.
    It is not recommended but it is a prerequisite for fullbuster.
    Spread Shot
    Useless shotgun mobbing skill(hi desperado), can be used for statusing but as I said before, there are better things you could be doing instead of trying to status people with a 5% chance. Also no, saying that you don’t take damage while mobbing if you take this skill isn’t a real excuse, since you would be taking skill points you need in other areas if you take this to a decent level. It won’t actually take more than 2 minutes to kill a single mob.
    Ground Drift
    Ground drift is a grenade launcher skill. Ground Drifted mines deal pitiful damage in WoE which can be easily outpotted, and this is a bad skill to use.

    4. Gears
    – The good, bad n’ ugly
    Lets talk about the weapons available to you.
    Used for rapid shower and triggering desperado. A +10 double bloody Western outlaw is the best you can get.
    Used for full Buster and dust, they have high atk but slow aspd(no need for normals) +10 bloody black rose is the best you can get.
    Gatling Guns
    They suck.
    Only 1 slot at most, terrible skills, and low damage.
    Grenade launchers
    They have their uses (not ground drift), +10 Bloody inferno is the best you can get.
    Statusing +10 branch is a must for pvp. A long barrel or dusk are also useful if you have an incapacitated opponent and have time to pull off tracking.

    Basic PvP/Woe Gears
    +7 Feather Beret, Alice Doll.
    Opera masque, Goblin leader, Masquarade, Alarm mask.
    +7 Cranial valk shield.
    You can’t equip a gun and a shield at the same time so make sure you learn proper weapon swapping.
    See above.
    +7Marc/ED Odin’s blessing/Glittering jacket
    +9 Superior boots
    +9 Noxious muffler
    Don’t use dual zerom gloves. In my experience, you need something along the lines of alligator gloves and refined safety rings.

    Basic PvM Gears
    Up to you, Apple of archer/Ulle’s is pretty useful.
    Opera masque, Goblin leader, Masquerade, or Alarm mask.
    +7 Racial valk shield.
    Equip the proper card according to the place where you’ll be grinding.
    See above.
    Racial carded weapons as well.
    · +9 Superior boots
    · +7 Sohee Shoes
    · +7 Vidar’s Boots
    · +9 Noxious muffler
    · +7 Immune muffler.
    · Morph accessories
    · Zerom gloves
    -Morpheus set is useful for leveling.

    5. PvM and MvP Aspects
    RO is plagued with undead monsters, and you can use silver bullets.(self explanatory).
    You can pretty much level on your own in a server that has a healer. Otherwise maybe you will have to use the inn or sit and wait for hp/sp which is not efficient at all.
    A personal route I like to use goes like the following:
    1-11: Novice Training Grounds or any low level monster that works
    11-18: Poporings, Drops (poring land has plenty of them)
    18-40: Metalings (usually north of Lighthalzen)
    40-60: Mob wolves (pay_fild02) and save the Strawberries
    60-80: Dark frames, 1 hit them with Fullbuster and use the strawberries to recover SP.
    80-90: “old school”: Anubises or Nifelheim with a priest.
    80-95: healer present server: Rapid Shower banshees and warp back for SP.
    90-99: no healer: Majorouses, Clock Tower High Orcs, Bathory map, Isis map, Nifflheim, Zombie Masters (Britoniah guild dungeon if you have access).
    90-99 (healer present server):
    Abbey if you try hard. This doesn’t involve mobbing with desperado. That’s unrealistic, since banshees will buttrape you 5 times before you drop dead.
    Usually a successful party for that place would be Clown/Bard + High Priest + Professor, using skills like Full Buster and Rapid Shower, with and occasional Desperados, however that’s trying too hard to make a GS effective there. In real practice, unless you’re with a guild that cares, why would a HP, Clown/bard and Professor would party with you if they can get better mobs, exp, and drops with a sniper? Not exactly recommended.
    · Solo Abbey abusing healer.
    · Party more at nifelheim
    · Britoniah guild dungeon.
    An alternative leveling route that I often see other experienced gunslingers take is as follows:
    11-18: Poporings and miscellaneous things in Payon Dungeon
    18-50: Metalings (usually north of Lighthalzen)
    50-70: Peach trees (Endow if you have access to one, you should take out peach trees in 2 rapid showers with fire endow)
    70-90: Abbey, peach trees to get more rj to spam if you’re too cheap to buy, Mobbing Anubis
    90-99: Quests; there are lots of high-exp yield quests at your disposal, and if that doesn’t push you all the way there, mob anything that drops gear you need.
    Realistically, if you have any notion how to play the game, it should take you about 4 hours to hit 90 (in a 10x rate server).
    MVPing is also rather enjoyable.
    GSes can do MVPs like Randgris and Bio3 stuff with a decent organized party, and it can also solo joke MVPs such as Atroce and Eddga. All it takes is some thinking and the right equipment (Authoritative badges, Properly carded guns, etc).
    I am being vague on purpose because figuring this out is part of the fun.
    However, even as support for mvping they can be useful. Controlling the mobs with desperado is always a respectable asset for any mvp party.

    6. PvP Aspect
    Gunslinger isn’t a solo pvp class, in a party with the presence of a High Priest, a professor and a stringer, you can truly destroy a lot of classes. That’s really a no brainer, anyone can figure it out. So I’ll give some info on dealing with some classes in a duel type fashion(like that actually ever happens in the pvp room, but anyways this is all 1 vs 1 advice). Take it with a grain of salt, QuietJack is the actual pvp specialist but anyways.
    Lord Knight
    LKs aren’t exactly a threat if you’re going against one without an entire guild backing him up. In practice you’ll face 3 probable openings from them, or at least that’s how it was when I PvP’d.
    · Spear boomerang
    · Him rushing towards you to Bowling Bash
    · Him in frenzy.
    It’s also fairly popular to try to spiral pierce, but those are easily hidden out of with a decent reaction time on your side. To deal with spear boomerang, you’ll need to have basic instinct on alligator gloves switching and Cranial switching too. Cranial switch immediately after a rapid shower or 2, you’ll have to know the cooldown of his spear boomerang.
    If he gets close to BB, switch to shotgun and use dust followed by a rain of rapid showers, with Cranial switching at discretion.
    If its a clean duel, you’ll more than likely get him dropped in a Royal Jelly spam competition. Whoever runs out of them first is the winner.
    If you have disarm this is a free fight for a GS, just get up close and infernal Desperado him. With a proper build you should be able to take LK hits just fine.
    Deal with Bowling Bash LK in the same fashion as the one above. You’ll probably have to spam a few aloes/RJs.
    A frenzy LK can be easy or a bit harder. depends on your skill tree, if you disarm him its game over for him. if you don’t have disarm you’ll probably have to pot a bit, but he’ll eat mad damage from desperado, and if you’re properly geared, his attacks won’t really have a high DPS. You can always hide right before he gets close enough to you as well. Remember, against frenzy lk’s their battle is against you and the clock. If you have any status effects you can throw at them, this is the time to do it. Poison them, then freeze them and wait for their hp to dwindle down. If not, just stick to the strategy of staying hidden and keeping them at bay with dust.
    High Wizard
    This situation is pretty easy in a 1 vs 1.
    Stack some basic mdef, combined with your basic reduction gears (alligators, Noxious, feather beret, cranial switching) and his magic won’t even scratch. It can get a little tricky if they have cast-interruption prevention, which they should. (Naturally, if they didn’t you could practically poke them to death with low-dps normal hits, but any hw worth dueling won’t be vulnerable to that.) Hit them first. Hit them fast. That should be the key rule in any battle against any class, but it can’t be stressed enough here. If you can exploit status, any status at all, it’s always important to do so. You should assume that a decent hw has silence immunity as well as freeze, thus you should go straight for cursing and stunning. Curse won’t completely debilitate them, but it should keep them disabled just enough to give you time to keep your distance or run in for the kill with desperado. At this point it’s all about how you personally duel, and this guide has no impact on that.

    Snipers can be annoying if you don’t master cranial switch, but they’re not impossible to kill, even High HP whores.
    If you’re in a pvp skillset build, disarm can really destroy them, doing this isn’t near as unpractical as it sounds if you have the ranged reduction gear to tank enough of their doublestrafe spamming..
    I usually disarm snipers in 3-5 attempts, again with decent pvp gears you can take their damage just fine.
    FA snipers are even easier to deal with due to the fact that FA will have a low DPS on a properly geared GS. The average sniper vs gs duel usually goes like this: GS spams rapid shower and sniper spams double strafe. Sniper wins. Don’t fall into this pattern, it’s predictable and shows no skill or finesse. Gauge the speed at which they’re doublestrafing. Unless they have specialized cooldown reduction gear then you can gauge whether they’ve more vit or more agi. Based on what you gather, know when to switch from rapidshower spam to full buster if you absolutely have to get stuck in that pattern. (Similar to how a sniper would ds spam and finish with fa) These battles are usually quick, and even with a decently skilled player, it frequently ends with both the sniper and the gunslinger dead.
    This class can be a pain to fight against in pvp, but it all depends. on what exactly the WS is carrying to pvp with(Aloes, Mastela/RJs, Speed pots, etc).
    A disarm can still make their Cart Termination not so fearsome. Leave desperado for last.
    Due to its uneven damage output, chances are you might not land all the required hits to keep a nice DPS against him.
    Dust->RS combos work.
    A Combat Knife user can still tank an infernal desp pretty well, so be careful, this is a hard matchup in pvp imo. It’s best to avoid this type of battle, though it’s completely possible. Just make sure you keep the damage on heavy. A sleep status or curse status weapon would be best. If it’s a decent WS don’t even bother with stun, freeze, or silence. Any status that can be cured with a pot will be a waste of time. This is also a battle of stalling. Keep them far away from you and only go in for the kill with desperado, as said, as a last resort, or if you’ve managed to incapacitate them with sleep. Keep the pressure on them, even as you’re retreating. Make sure to keep the max distance with them as long as you can maintain it.

    Assassin Cross
    Non-EDP, but linked is not impossible.
    EDP’d SinX means you die if you can’t disarm them. (And let’s face it, you don’t just see sinx waltzing up to you uncloaked with edp and sl saying “let’s have a fair fight ?”)
    You’ll need Horong accessory for this match. If you can’t afford that, then you’re stuck relying on raw instinct to figure out where they’re going to come from out of cloak. It’s not too hard with your average sinx to be honest, most of them will invariably try to sonicblow you straight out of cloak. Even if they try to grimtooth you, that’s no big worry. Just tank it until you can walk out of their range, and pin them down with rapidshower as they unhide to get closer to you.
    Desperado knocks them out of cloak but don’t rely on it unless they turn out to be the aforementioned predictable sinx. Don’t try to tank SBs, Dust>RS harassment once they pop out.
    Have your cranial on, 90% of the time.
    You might have to pot if your reflexes are slow. But realistically, against the average lro sinx, if your reflexes are slow you’ll get edp’d in the face. Better luck next time.
    High Priest
    Fighting a godly geared HP is hard.
    Fighting your average PvP priest is annoying but not impossible. It’s pretty funny sometimes too. They never seem to get the idea to safety wall desperado, and if they get stuck in the middle of it, getting out is difficult. Laugh as you pin them down with a predictable strategy and end up killing them. If you have a magnum break clip then you can knock them out of safety wall, since you have a ranged weapon equipped it counts as a ranged attack. One they’re out, rub it in their nose by desperadoing them from within their own safety wall for extra laughs. Any status you can lay down on them is worth investing in, anything to keep them from having a chance to out-heal your desperado.
    Disarm will render your typical Arrow Vulcan Clown useless.
    Again cranial switching will be your best tool.
    Tarot might be troublesome but it relies on chance so its not all that bad.
    As far as Gypsy goes, the worst thing they’ll probably try to do is stun you after you take their weapon off. What then, a few more chances for tarot? Maybe they inflict confusion on you? Nothing to worry about. If you can’t disarm them though, then you’ll have to rely on hiding out of their AV (unless they have neigh-instant cast, which a *good* clown/gypsy should) Clowns and gypsies are rarely prepared to handle silence from my experience. It’s also fun to hide, and stay hidden until they come up to unhide you with improve concentration, then unleashing desperado hell.
    No real tactic, You can kill average vanils running around pvp but AD will definitely rape you.
    In 10x server it is common for creators to use bombs for casual PvPing, even if it is wasted on a lolslinger. If you can disarm them and they don’t have instant cast then you may stand a fighting chance, but even after that, they can always ress their homunculous, and let’s face it, when it comes down to it, they can carry more pots than you can, and have more firepower in their arsenal, not to mention a much higher def. capability.
    50/50 chance to get stripped or to kill them while try’re trying to strip.
    Fairly easy matchup. If they go for a straight up doublestrafe spam match, take them on, you can waste them with Rapidshower rather easily. The worst thing that can happen is they flee a few. If their flee is getting pesky you can always invest in a mummy card or two, just to keep laying the hits on them. Keep them at a distance, just for the purpose of frustrating them. It’s true that you have a decent chance to beat them with desperado before they divest you, but the more damage you chip off them before they close in on you, the greater your chance of ‘sealing the deal’ if they do get right up next to you. If they take your gun off, it’s over. You may as well sit down and spam /sob and hope they take pity on you. …But they probably won’t.
    Pretty hard to kill a professor in 1 vs 1. They have a lot of stuff to counter whatever you try to pull. I could never kill a decent/good professor so I won’t give any theory based shit on what you could do. By now you probably have the basic idea of how to fight a spell-based class though, so I’ll leave that to you.
    Champs are always a fun fight. If they’re not trying to go straight for asura (not offering a strategy for that, if you don’t know how to deal with that then you shouldn’t be reading) then they’ll constantly be hiding in their own pneuma. If they try to throw spirit sphere at you, either hide out of it or walk right into their pneuma with them and give them a nice desperado hug, then dust them away and keep the pressure on. Any ranged class is all about keeping them at a distance and keeping the pressure on, even if your best skill is technically close range. That’s always an easy kill, since most don’t seem to understand that desperado is a close range skill. The worst thing they can do if you go to duck into their pneuma is a raging push palm strike, and that’s keeping you at distance anyway, so that’s your prerogative. They may try to make a combo of it with a quick-cast tss so make sure you time your hide perfectly after the push palm to avoid a 2-hit combo, rather than going immediately for a hit after the push palm.
    A good ninja will require some thinking. An average ninja will be dead meat in 3 seconds.
    Bull’s eyes is your best friend in order to kill a ninja, as it bypasses Cicada Skinshed. Triple action will pierce it as well. If, for some reason, you do have agi, just pin them down with normal hits using status guns. Keep them pinned against a corner until you can time a skill like fullbuster or rapid shower between their rebuffing.
    A horong clip is very useful.
    This matchup is heavily based on the GS player’s reflexes.
    This matchup is HARD but not completely impossible. the result will basically depend on who has better gears, you will probably have to pot, since he will probably pot.
    Against Martyr’s Reckoning (MR) paladins, be at full defense mode until he’s used up the 5 hits, switch from your cranial valk to start desperado. When he’s able to MR again switch back to cranial. If you do pot this encounter is rather simple and gear based.
    A linked Paladin is much more annoying but easier to tank, especially if you have Adjustment(A.K.A GS panic)
    the only drawback is that in 1 vs 1 it is harder to stay close to 1 and Desperado the him to death.
    A nice disarm can really screw them up.
    Do not use silver bullets against paladins. Bloody if you have the zeny to spare, otherwise stick to regular bullets. Status is your best friend in a battle against a paladin. Even just a single curse will be good. Keep them moving slow, throw on anything, and I mean anything that you can. Put them to sleep, stun them for 1/10th a second, poison them. Anything you can do to gain the upper hand against a paladin, do it. Hide anything with a cast time can be hidden, anything instacast, you’d better be ready to tank. Desperado will be your biggest damage dealing attack due to defending aura, and even that, on a decent-geared pally will only do between 500-700 damage per hit. Not to mention getting close to them is risky. If you can chew up a paladin, then congratulations, you don’t need to be reading this guide anymore.

    7. WoE: First Edition
    The best in RO, Woeing as a Gunslinger and actually doing something meaningful during it, as mentioned before requires certain prerequisites:
    · Fully geared (That is, proper weapons, full reductions and def reaching anywhere from 45-50 def while cranial’d.)
    · An organized guild with people who cares(hardest thing to find)
    · Knowledge of how certain classes work, and those classes knowing how you work.
    · Complete usage of Battle Mode. We’re talking every last key of it. If you have gaps in your battlemode hotkeys, you don’t have enough equipment/pots.

    I think the Desperado explanation gives enough insight on what you’re supposed to do, and how, I don’t wanna do all the thinking for you since that’s not
    what this guide is for. Refer to the desperado explanation for information on who you should kill and when.

    Just some stuff you should keep in mind:
    · You’ll have your Cranial valk equipped a lot more than your guns.
    · You won’t waste time with classes other classes can kill easier.
    · You don’t desperado in precast.
    · Magic Strings Full Buster can be effective for that.
    · Camping the emp is your real role. That’s all I’ll say.

    Source: http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/blues-gunslinger-guide/

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