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    Adoramus !!


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    Adoramus !! Empty Adoramus !!

    Post  Finn on Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:44 pm

    Okay, i'm here to discuss "Adoramus" Skill of Archbishop.
    First of all, you need the Skill Requirements; Magnus Exorcismus lvl1,
    Judex lvl5 and Ancilla lvl1. You also need 1 Blue Gemstone/Adoramus.
    Level 10 Adoramus = -12 Agility Decreased and Blind on the Enemy.
    Damage is also influenced by the Casters Base Level.
    Since 3rd Jobs are just released this year, there are No other "Anti"
    against Adoramus, EXCEPT the Target is wearing "HOLY Enchanted"
    Armor (Angeling Card) the Adoramus will be 'Miss', but there
    is still a Counter which is the"ORATIO" this skill
    decreases the resistance to the Holy element
    of all enemies within Visual Range by chance. The higher the Level
    of the Oratio, the higher the Chance. The Affliction of Oratio is indicated
    by a BLUE symbol above the Target. It requires the Skill "Praefation lvl5".
    Well thats all, but if there's an additional..
    lol! I'll make sure this Thread will be Updated lol!

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    Adoramus !! Empty Re: Adoramus !!

    Post  Administrator on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:05 am

    Nice pointers there Finn.. Keep it up..

    Cheers!!! cheers

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