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    Everyone knows the least used, least useful and not-so-cool-looking class, Ninja.
    A class only good at PvM, against monsters that don’t use magic.
    This guide will cover Ninjutsu (Magic) builds and Pure Kunai/Shuriken Build. The only builds that will let you kill a single enemy for leveling purpose.
    This guide simply tells how to get a Ninja to 99, and what equipment to use to get there.
    I’ll use only the eA skill/item names, since the iRO ones are stupid and poorly translated engrish. You can, however, refer to this table if you are confused with the skill names:
    · Tobidougu = Throwing_Mastery
    · Syuriken = Throw_Shuriken
    · Kunai = Throw_Kunai
    · Huuma = Throw_Fuuma_Shuriken
    · Zeny Nage = Throw_Zeny
    · Tatamigaeshi = Reverse_Tatami
    · Kasumikiri = Mist_Slash
    · Shodow Jump = Shadow_Jump
    · Kiri Kage = Shadow_Slash
    · Utsusemi = Cast-off_Ciceda_Shell
    · Bunsinjyutsu = Illusionary_Shadow
    · Ninpou = Ninpou_Training
    · Kouenka = Crimson_Fire_Blossom
    · Kaensin = Crimson_Fire_Formation
    · Bakuenryu = Dragon_Fire_Formation
    · Hyousensou = Lightning_Spear_of_Ice
    · Suiton = Water_Escape_Technique
    · Hyousyouraku = Falling_Ice_Pillar
    · Huujin = Wind_Blade
    · Raigekisai = Lightning_Crash
    · Kamaitachi = North_Wind
    · Nen = Soul
    · Issen = Final_Strike
    Getting to the Ninja Guild
    For the purpose of buying Fuuma Shuriken, Arm Guards & Kunai, I shall include the way into the Ninja guild here:
    Amatsu, West of the warp point behind some shops, there will be a small house. Inside the house behind a painting in the corner is a hidden passage that leads to the Ninja guild.
    Ninja Guild:

    Where to Start?
    Recommended Starting Stats
    It is strongly advised that you DO NOT start a ninja as Ninjutsu Build. They have horrible MATK at the beginning and you’ll only do 3 - 15 damage per spell.
    Get to job 10 Novice in the Novice Training Grounds.
    · Str: 9 (15+ when you leave the novice arena)
    · Agi: 9 (12-15 when you leave the novice arena)
    · Vit: 1 (no change)
    · Dex: 9 (11-12 when you leave the novice arena)
    · Int: 1 (no change)
    · Luk: 1 (never ever change)
    First Stats: Ninja lvl 12-14
    Best choice to start off, is a Pure throwing build. It costs small SP. Shurikens are fairly cheap. You only really need 1 stat. Throwing build is based on Str & your Weapon’s ATK. Shuriken & Kunai CANNOT miss, no matter what your dex is.
    Level to 25 - 30 in Payon Dungeon Level 1.
    · Str: 40+ (Pure Str, little Dex & agi)
    · Agi: 20 (Higher aspd slightly decreases Delay between shurikens)
    · Vit: 1 (no change)
    · Dex: 15 (15 only needed to hit the bare minimum enemies in payon until you get Throw Shuriken)
    · Int: 1 (no change)
    · Luk: 1 (never ever change)
    Mid Stats: Ninja lvl 30 - 55
    Get pure Str and skills that increase damage of Throw Shuriken (Toubidogou Shuuren/ “Throwing Dagger Practice” for the mentally challenged. How many daggers does a ninja throw, huh?). Make sure that you get/have Utsusemi (CSS) Lv5 to avoid any physical damage.
    Level to 55 - 60 in Toy Factory Level 2.
    · Str: 65+
    · Agi: 25-35
    · Vit: 1
    · Dex: 20
    · Int: 1-10
    · Luk: 1
    Adv Stats: Ninja 65+
    At this point you can reset to Ninjutsu build or Continue with Shuriken & Kunai Build.
    Throwing Build: 65 - 97 in High Orcs (Ice Kunai/Murasame[2] with Shuriken).
    Ninjutsu Build: 65 - 97 in Kiel’s Factory 01. No monsters use magic. They give rare and useful equipment. High Exp.
    Throwing Build:
    · Str: 99
    · Agi: 55-60
    · Vit: 1
    · Dex: 20
    · Int: 15-25
    · Luk: 1
    Ninjutsu Build:
    · Str: 1
    · Agi: 1
    · Vit: 1
    · Dex: 90-99
    · Int: 85-95
    · Luk: 1
    Final Stats: All Builds 96-99
    96 to 99 for all builds can be made easier on exp quests.
    Otherwise, Continue Levelling in Kiel01. With 99 Int, a Ninjutsu Ninja’s weakness to magic is greatly reduced.
    Throwing Build:
    · Str: 99
    · Agi: 70+
    · Vit: 1
    · Dex: 30
    · Int: 25-35
    · Luk: 1
    Ninjutsu Build:
    · Str: 1
    · Agi: 1
    · Vit: 15
    · Dex: 99
    · Int: 99
    · Luk: 1

    Ninja’s Equipment
    Pretty Straight-foward. If you’re going Throwing Build: Get Str & Agi boosting equipment. If you’re going Ninjutsu Build: Get Int & Dex boosting equipment.
    Levels 1-12: Novice Arena
    Basic Supplied Novice Gear.
    Levels 12 - 25: Payon Dungeon
    · Headgear: Pirate Bandana, Munak Hat, Kitsune Mask, Angel Wings, Evil Wings, Ghost Bandana, Sakkat, Vanberk carded Headgear (str +2).
    · Shield: Arm Guard/Gauntlet (bought from Ninja Guild 10k)
    · Weapon: Stilleto[2]/[3] (Wolf carded, if you have any spare)
    · Armor: Panties (Zerom Drop)
    · Garment: Undershirt (Pasana Drop)
    · Footgear: Pretty much any footgear will do. (Matyr Carded Shoes[1] If you have some)
    · Accessories: Brooch or Ring
    Level 26 - 55: Toy Factory
    · Headgear: Previously mentioned.
    · Armor: Panties or Ninja Suit
    · Garment: Undershirt, Ancient Cape, Nine Tail/Bapho Jr carded Muffler, Morpheus’ Shawl.
    · Weapon: Triple Wolverine Stilleto[3], Double Wolverine Damascus[2]. (Zipper Bear works too, but costs more SP)
    · Shield: Arm Guard[1], Improved Arm Guard[0]/[1]. (Card it with whatever you want)
    · Footgear: Shoes[1] (Card it with whatever you want)
    · Accessory: Shinobi Sash, Ring &/or Brooch. (2 Shinobi Sashes does not double the combo effect)
    Level 60 - 96: Throwing Build - High Orcs/Kiel Dungeon
    · Headgear: Previously Mentioned + Evil/Angel Wing Ears.
    · Armor: Panties/[1], Ninja suit/[1], Odin’s Blessing[1].
    · Garment: Undershirt/[1], Nine Tail/Bapho Jr carded +9 Muffler[1], Morpheus’ Shawl, Falcon Muffler, Vali’s Manteau.
    · Weapon: Triple Wolverine Stilleto[3], Double Wolverine Damascus[2]. (Zipper Bear works too, but costs more SP)
    · Shield: Arm Guard[1], Improved Arm Guard[0]/[1], Valkyrie’s Shield[1] (Card it with whatever you want - Yes, Ninja can use valk shield. It’s not a Trans-only item, like the rest of the set)
    · Footgear: Freya’s Shoes or Vidar’s Boots.
    · Accessory: Shinobi Sash, Ring/Ring of Muscle[1] (Mantis), Brooch/Coward’s Brooch[1] (Shinobi).

    Level 60 - 96: Ninjutsu Build - Kiel Dungeon
    · Headgear: Apple of Archer, Frigg’s Circlet, Morpheus’s Hood, Magni’s Cap, Isilla Carded Headgear.
    · Armor: Ninja suit/[1], Odin’s Blessing[1].
    · Garment: Morpheus’ Shawl, Vali’s Manteau.
    · Weapon: Triple Dexterous Ashura[3]. (Drops card)
    · Shield: Improved Arm Guard[1], Valkyrie’s Shield[1], Stone Buckler[1]. (Valk & Stone buckler makes useful combos. Valk/odin/frigg more-so than magni/stone/odin.)
    · Footgear: Freya’s Shoes or Vidar’s Boots.
    · Accessory: Shinobi Sash, Earring[0], Celebrant’s Mitten, Glove or Coward’s/Nimble Glove[1] (Shinobi/Zerom), Morpheus’ Ring, Morpheus’ Bracelet.
    Note: Never wear the whole Morpheus Set, it’s advised to leave one of the accessories off. The full set gives uninterruptible cast but cast time +25%. With Utsusemi active you won’t get hit, so it won’t be interrupted anyway, you’ll just get more cast time.
    Make sure to wear your equipment in combos, It’s pointless to have stone buckler/vidar without the rest of the combo.
    96-99 is basically the same.

    Ninja Skills
    Throwing Ninja
    · Tobidogou Shuuren: Level 10
    · Throw Shuriken: Level 10
    · Throw Kunai: Level 5
    · Tatamigaeshi: Level 1
    · Kagetobi: Level 5
    · Utsusemi: Level 5 (All Ninja Must have this skill)
    · Mist Slash: Level 1
    · Ninpou Shuuren: Level 10
    · Nen: Level 10
    Do what you want with the rest. Throw Fuuma Shuriken Sucks, Don’t get it.
    Ninjutsu Ninja
    · Ninpou Shuuren: Level 10
    · Hyousensou: Level 10
    · Kouenka: Level 7 - 10
    · Tatamigaeshi: Level 1
    · Kagetobi: Level 5
    · Utsusemi: Level 5 (All Ninja Must have this skill)
    · Kaenjin: Level 7
    · Nen: Level 5
    · Bakuenryuu: Level 5
    Do what you want with the rest.
    Notes: Hyousensou (”Lightning spear of ice” for stupid people) is a Ninja’s best spell. Except for the fact that Siroma and other spell enhancing cards don’t affect it. Base-wise it’s stronger than Cold bolt by 10%. Fuujin is 1/2 the strength of Lightning Bolt, Kouenka is 3/4 the strength of Fire Bolt. Fair, huh?
    Kaenjin can slow any monster by 95%, while inflicting damage.
    Suiton increases Hyousensou’s damage by 15%, and slows the enemy by 40%.
    Raigekisai is bugged and is completely worthless.
    Grade 3 Ninjutsu Spells: Hyoushouraku & Kamaitachi are completely useless. Do not get them.
    Bunshin no Jutsu does not stack with utsusemi, has higher cost, cast time and it screws your color palette up.
    Against a Non-magic using MVP, a Ninja can do quite well.
    Against any kind of PvP-built other class character, a Ninja will most likely get his ass handed to him. Unless he/she’s specifically built to take down that particular class.

    Leveling Techinques
    > Payon Dungeon
    Skill-Equip Notes: Starting off, it’s best to get Tobidogou Shuuren to level 1 to get Throw Shuriken. Once you have Throw Shuriken, You can go just about anywhere against slow moving monsters (Metalings, Myst cases, Geographers, etc). But, It’s best to stick to Payon Dungeon for a few more job levels, Until you have Level 10 Throw Shuriken and Tobidogou Shuuren. That allows maximum damage with Throw shuriken.
    Make sure to use the best kind of Shuriken available for your level. Shuriken can be bought from the Ninja Guild (Amatsu, In a small house west of the spawn point, through a painting) and Prontera Weapon Shop (North-east of Prontera Fountain) from one of the custom shop NPCs (Thief class shop NPC).
    Also, Make sure you have the highest ATK weapon you can wield equipped. Going to level 12 at the Novice arena when you start, gives you immediate LvL access to a Stilletto. Which will be your best weapon for shuriken, until you reach 24, where you can wield a Gladius or Damascus.
    When you first get to Payon Dungeon after just changing to Ninja. Avoid attacking anything non-hostile for the first few job Lvls. Don’t go near a Zombie, But try and kill a Familiar. They’ll give at least 3 Job Levels. Just enough to get Throw Shuriken, Then you can go straight onto throwing them at Poporings. Make sure you don’t let them near you, one hit will kill you at first.
    > Toy Factory
    It’s probable that you won’t have any defensive skills when you first get here. No problem, just Throw shuriken at Christmas Cookies or Myst Cases and make sure they don’t get close enough to hit you, or have enough time to cast a spell (Xmas Cookies cast Holy Light & Cold Bolt).
    If you go to Toy Factory Level 2, Stay well clear of Cruisers. 2 - 4 shots will kill you.
    Using Tatamigaeshi here will not help. It only stops ranged attacks for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, the skill’s delay is as long as the effect, so you’ll be left open as soon as the effect times out.
    > Metaling Field
    Aside from going to Toy Factory, you could go to Lighthalzen’s Metaling Field (Lhz_fild01 - North of Lighthalzen).
    On this map you’ll find A lot of Metalings, several Holdens/Moles & Caramel. The downside to killing metalings is that their drops are really heavy (Iron, Iron Ore, Crimson Bolt[3], etc). They will also be able to reflect shuriken damage if they get closer than 3 cells away from you. However, at that distance they can also strip your weapon.
    > High Orc Field
    Located in the Western Orc Village (one map west of Orc Dungeon) is the High Orc Map. As long as Utsusemi is active, you won’t be in much trouble unless you’re hit by a mob of HOs more than 3 times at the exact same time. Whereas your Utsusemi will be cancelled after the 3 hits (You’ll still backslide 3 times) and you’ll recieve the damage of whatever hits came after (as long as they hit at the same time as the first 3). So this is somewhat unlikely, but still possible.
    The main thing to worry about here is Orc Archers, Who will keep you as far away from them as possible.
    Note: By this time (if you’re still throwing build), you should be spamming “Throw Kunai” with Ice Kunai. OR, have a double orc lady/hydra Murasame[2] (water Property, dropped by Shinobi) with Shuriken. Shuriken Have the same elemental property as your weapon.
    > Kiel’s Factory
    (quest required to access if your server do not have a warper)
    Level 1 of the factory is all you’ll need for levelling here. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have Utsusemi active. This map is advised for Ninjutsu (Magic) built Ninja. Throwing Builds don’t deal enough damage for their SP cost. Hyousensou is the main offensive magic you’ll need.
    Target Lone Alizas, one at a time. Creating a large empty space where you’ve killed them. Fighting Alizas near other Alizas or Alices will make them start healing them once their HP drops below 75%.
    Monsters on this map are: Constant, G_Constant, Aliot, Alicel, Alice, Aliza. (Killing Techinques are listed below.)
    Vs Constant
    10,000HP, Shadow Property. These monsters can be really annoying if you don’t know how to handle them. Since they self-destruct on contact after recieving damage from the target.
    Make sure to have level 1 - 3 Hyousensou, Kouenka, Fuujin in your shortcut keys. When it gets close, target it with one of those spells. It’ll hit you and Utsusemi will backslide you right as you inflict damage.
    Next, Run like you’ve never run before! They’ll chase you and eventaully give up and self-destruct. Unless you leave them behind, whereas they’ll sit there until someone walks past. They won’t self destruct until the recieve more damage.
    Note: Self-Destruct can be used to your advantage. This skill turns the constant’s HP into direct, unreduceable damage. The damage also affects other monsters. You can use this to deal around 14% damage to Aliots or Alicels, or just plainly blow a mob of alizas to smithereens.
    Vs G_Constant
    1,000HP, Shadow Property. Far worse than normal Constants. They look the same, they detect hidden. They move faster and self-destruct on contact, regardless of whether you hit it or not. There’s no real tactic for fighting these, only avoiding them. Where as it’s a all-or-nothing situation.
    That is, run towards them on angle. This confuses them and they self-destruct ahead of time. If they DO self-destruct, they do 1k damage. Not much, but it’ll be around half your hp at lvl 60.
    Vs Alice
    10,000hp, neutral property. Everyone knows the beautiful alice monster, supporter of all monsters with a nice big heal of 1570.
    Don’t fight these until you have Kaenjin level 4 or higher. Their dispell will cancel your Utsusemi, then you’ll be a punching bag for her pet Wild Rose until she catches up with you.
    Cast Kaenjin then target her through it. She’ll run into Kaenjin and be stalled, while you can Hyousensou the crap outta her. Her MDef is relatively low so it shouldn’t be too long till she dies.
    Note: She can’t heal herself. Make sure she isn’t near another Alice or Aliza that can back her up.
    Vs Aliza
    20,000hp, neutral property. Just as beautiful as the Alice monster, well, almost.
    Alizas heal for about 575, rather than the full Alice heal. However, Alizas cast heal twice before recovering their SP.
    Alizas don’t have dispell or a mob, so these will be your main source of exp. Their only damaging skill is Bash, which doesn’t bypass Utsusemi.
    Note: She can’t heal herself either. Alizas drop Morpheus’s Shawl, which will probably be your best garment.
    Vs Alicel
    37,520hp, neutral property. Aside from the mechanical claws shes pretty hot too.
    This biatch will be the hardest of all the monsters on this map. Fortunately, there’s only 3 on this map.
    She has relatively high MDef, no magic attacks, but is pretty much a OHKO monster. She’ll do about 2500 per hit if she does get a hand on you. She’ll cast snap to jump right up to you so make sure your Utsusemi is on more than 1 block.
    Using Kaenjin and standing in the last flame square will stop her from jumping up to you, as well as holding her back to get off a few good Hyou’s. If she does try and jump to you through the Kaenjin, she’ll be knocked all the way back as soon as she stands on the fire-cell.
    Note: Make sure you aren’t trapped against a wall. She has high aspd, so be sure to spam Utsusemi while trying to move away if you do get stuck.
    Vs Aliot
    48,290hp, neutral property. Edward Scissorhands on steroids. He looks just as cool, to boot.
    This guy has the highest HP of all the dungeon’s monsters (aside from the MVP). Just like everything else, no magic. So as long as Utsusemi is functioning you’ll be fine.
    If you do find one of these dudes all alone, KILL HIM. Sure he’ll be strong, and you might die once or twice. But it’s worth it. He gives Falcon Mufflers and tonnes of exp. If he dies he might cast rebirth and respawn on 30% hp right in front of you. You’ll still get the exp and drops too. So you can kill him up to 7 times and get full exp & drops each time.
    His card sells for a lot too. Pity the only class it doesn’t work for is ninja.
    > Cursed Abbey
    Insane much?
    This place is a Throwing Build only levelling place. You’ll need either a Priest/High Priest or a Holy Dagger (Unfortunately, unavailable.)
    Assumptio on a double hallowed boned (santa poring & skel worker) Gladius + Piercing Thorn Shurikens can deal some serious damage and get you tonnes of exp.
    This place is impossible without Shadow or Undead armor, unfortunately. Banshees use Dark Soul Strike (Dark Strike) and Evil Land which are both magic and will hand your ass to you on a silver platter. Shadow Armor is advised, as the priest can’t heal you with undead. However, the Undead armor will absorb Dark Strike, healing you a small amount.
    I don’t recommend this as safe levelling.
    > Odin’s Temple
    Gokurin + Holy Armor for Solace, Skeggiold & Valkyrie (yes, I said Valkyrie).
    Double Hallowed Boned Gladius + Shadow Armor for Frus, Skogul & Retribution.
    Another Throwing Build Only destination. Priest is probably required. Definately required for Valkyrie, even though I doubt a Ninja could outdamage a Valk’s Heal. It could still withstand her attacks.
    Throw Shuriken is the way to go. Odin Temple’s Damaging Spells: Soul Strike, LoV, Thunderstorm, Darkstrike, Grand Cross & Grand Darkness.
    That’s all for now.

    Source: http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/basic-ninja-leveling-guide/
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