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    Homunculus Max LvL only 99?..>.<


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    Homunculus Max LvL only 99?..>.< Empty Homunculus Max LvL only 99?..>.<

    Post  Curious on Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:44 am

    Erm..i've been in many private servers..homunculus' max lvl on those servers are based on their character max lvl..but it's abit weird..it's not in this server..

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    Homunculus Max LvL only 99?..>.< Empty Re: Homunculus Max LvL only 99?..>.<

    Post  Finn on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:27 am

    Uhm, i guess you're mistaken.
    The level of homunculus is somewhat important.
    'Cuz some homunculus can have a Godlike Mdef (Vanilmirth) or Def (Amistr).
    Which can make it much useful on PVP's. (ofcourse plus the Creator himself/herself)
    It's like an Imba team.
    Though i'm not a Genetic/Creator it's good to know this informations about Homunculus:

    Homun. Type: Offensive, Neutral, Formless.
    Info: Magic-user.

    Homun. Type: Physical- Offensive, Dodge/High ASPD, Brute, Neutral
    Info: Even having a Low HP. This one can make an Imba Attack speed
    and a very high Dodge rate. Focuses more on agility.

    Homun. Type: Restoration- Supportive, Demi-Human, Neutral
    Info: Want to see your Creator walks like a GM? Wink

    Homun. Type: Physical- Defensive, Tank, Brute, Neutral
    Info: Aside from an instant change of Position (Castling)
    This one has a very high HP, and as thick as a Steel wall.bounce

    Well this is all i know 'bout Homun.
    But regardless of all this, it is better if you'll just make your
    Homuculus evolve. And also for you to experience their new skills.lol!

    Note: If some of the above informations are not that accurate, please inform me. Thanks. rabbit

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