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    [Guide] Dark Helm of Randgris


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    [Guide] Dark Helm of Randgris

    Post  Administrator on Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:42 pm

    1. Warp to einbroch 50 202, you may need to rotate the screen to see the NPC Clearly

    2. You will need the said items:

    - 200 Valhallas Flower (Randgris Mob, and Randgris Itself)
    - 10 Corsair (Drake MVP)
    - 3 Mithril Coins

    3. After giving the items on the First NPC, He will then tell you about a man named:

    "Doom Bringer" , who is located in odin_tem01, He will then request you to gather another set of items that includes:

    4. After gathering all the items, "Doom Bringer" will give you the Helm

    Happy Questing!

    cheers cheers cheers

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