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    Star Gladiator Guide

    Star gladiators can be useful in both PvM and WoE. Most people don’t consider this class to be useful, unless it’s for MvPing or farming things. Continue reading my guide to find out what else they can be used for.
    Table of Contents
    · - Introduction
    · - Emp Breaking Explanation
    · - Pro’s
    · - Con’s
    · - Leveling A Star Gladiator
    · - How to PvM on a Star Gladiator
    · - Making Money and MvPing on a Star Gladiator
    · - PvP with a Star Gladiator
    · - Emp Breaking on Star Gladiator
    · - Conclusion

    As we all know, star gladiators are mainly known for leeching, or great classes for PvP/PvM. This is true, but they have another use that is usually ignored by most players.

    Emp Breaking Explanation
    Star gladiators are great for emperium breaking in WoE FE. The reason for this varies throughout multiple pro’s and con’s. Regardless of the reason you might decide to make an SG, they are much cheaper than other classes to gear and are effective emp breakers at a much cheaper cost than a SinX.

    · -They can get to the emp alone very easily using skills like Flying side kick and Leap.
    · -With the proper equips, stats and buffs, they can break the emp quite easily.
    · -With 190 ASPD, SW’s break very fast as well
    · -Easier to obtain gear for than trans classes.
    · -Easy to make.

    · Lower HP than trans classes.
    · Low tanking capabilities compared to trans classes.
    · Really don’t have any other use in WoE than emp breaking.
    · As I said above, they have limited use.
    · Guilds might not take you seriously at first, so getting into a guild to where it matters you can emp break can be hard.

    Leveling A Star Gladiator
    Leveling a star gladiator is very easy, not only do you not need to trans, but you can level at one of the most EXP giving area’s in the game.
    First I would suggest doing a quest, preferably Ice Necklace quest. Ice Necklace quest will get you from level 10 to 69, on the a 10x base exp rate server (for me that is).
    Next, you will want to go and get job levels, until you can get stellar/solar heat at level 5, and some basic gears for leveling. As soon as you get enough, you can change job and become a star gladiator, simple as that. If you prefer grinding your way there, you could level at the following spots. (Listed Below.)
    Alternate leveling method (No Quests)
    Payon Cave: Until around level 40-50

    Toy Factory: Until you are ready to job change into a Star Gladiator. I suggest getting 50 job level to get the fullest out of the class.

    Where to level
    Leveling spots
    As a star gladiator, you should level with your heat skill. Anywhere where there are monsters that don’t move. Obviously, most people will go to Thor to level off Kasa’s. You could also level at owl dukes/baron’s, and at the same time be making money from Feather Berets. Though I will show the easiest method of leveling. Thors.
    Leveling stats
    Your stats are going to look something like this:
    · 9x STR
    · 1x-2x VIT
    · 0 AGI
    · 4x-5x LUK
    · 4x-5x DEX
    The main skills that you are going to need to level at thors are:
    · Warmth
    · Anger
    · Warm Wind
    · Feeling
    · Hatred
    · Union

    -Before you get geared and ready to thor, you need to know how to kill them. First, save the map as your map of the stars. Use warm wind level 4 (water), and tele around until you find a kasa that seems to be in a good spot to be killed. Then, use flying side kick. Once on the kasa, activate warmth of the stars and kill it with heat while tanking.
    Leveling Gears
    · Book with either 3x AK cards, which later could be used as a good emp weapon. Or a cheaper alternative which would consist of vadon/mino/peco peco egg cards. Refine rate of the book doesn’t matter so much, don’t spend a bunch of time trying to get higher then 8 or 9 unless you get lucky.
    · Pasana armor: Enchant Armors with the Fire Property. DEF +1. Having a pasana armor will help considerably with reducing damage taken at thors, of course there’s a cheaper alternative which would be a swordfish carded armor.
    · Rings/Ring of muscles: Once high enough level, I would suggest you use ring of muscles, but until then, normal ring (0) work fine.
    · Magni’s cap gives you 2 str, and is very cheap. If you can afford it, go for the whole combo to get even more STR bonus. That, or you could get a marrionette doll carded with vanberk card.
    · Muffler carded with Jakk card: Anouther nice reduction (20%) to the fire property. Again, this helps reduce damage taken in thors.
    · Evil Wing Ears: +1 Str, a nice addition.
    · Stone buckler with Penomena Card, which gives you anouther 35% reduction to kasa’s. (that includes the 5% from stone buckler).
    · And finally, shoes. Any shoes will work here, I would use Freya’s shoes, because they are cheap and increase how much you heal with white potions by 20%. You will be using a lot of white potions.
    Thor may be harder than you remember if you have done it previously, and that is because the heat skills “ASPD” has been nerfed, and now hits much slower than it previously did. Though, they still can easily kill in thors if properly geared.
    Leeching: Star gladiators are amazing leechers, just like when you’re leveling, you do it very fast. You can do the same for other people, and make money off of it.

    How to PvM on a Star Gladiator
    For doing MvP’s and participating in pvm things as a Star Gladiator, you are going to need some specific things.
    · Safety wall: When killing things with heat, the main skill thats going to keep you alive is safety wall. In case you don’t know, safety walls last for 11 melee hit’s or skill hits and you take no damage.
    · Devotion/Sac: If you have a paladin available, you can further improve your survival rate with devotion. This is a great skill for MvP’s.
    · Prof: Prof can help when you SP need, in case you run out, ect.
    The basic outline of how killing is done using Heat.
    · SG = X
    · MVP/etc = 0
    · High Priest = x
    · Tile = -
    x—–X0 Priest will spam SW from far away ect.
    Visual Guide of the little situation above:

    Basic methods like that can be used for tons of situations.

    Making Money and MvPing on a Star Gladiator
    There are tons of ways to make money and MvP on a Star Gladiator, all of them are based on the Heat skill.
    · You can farm soft feathers at owl dukes/barrons with the right book easily.
    · You can farm multiple MVP’s and mini boss depending on your party and situation.
    · Farm valk sheilds for money.
    A simple search on youtube will show you tons of mvps being done by them, and how effective they are for doing it.
    · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtSdWO7SgLg
    · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8QXVQandto
    Heres another example:

    PvP with a Star Gladiator
    Just and FYI, you can’t effectively pvp on a Star Gladiator. Even with 190 ASPD you won’t be able to kill someone unless they are an idiot. The best you could do is get a ton of ASPD, high VIT and use a coma book with SP drain to annoy people.
    Just a tip - Star Gladiators don’t pvp for a reason.

    Emp Breaking on a Star Gladiator

    One of the most useful tactics in WoE for Star Gladiators is emp breaking, the following equips are recommended:
    · Feather Beret gives you 10% reduction, and is awesome for tanking. (obviously) +6~7
    · Gangster Mask gives you +15% resist to silence, doesn’t hurt to have it.
    · Angel/Evil Wing Ears give +1 str, possibly the best mid headgear for this.
    · An unfrozen (marc card) and/or deadly (evil druid card) are the best armors hands down for an SG. +6~7.
    · A valk shield with thara frog card. +6~7
    · Boots with Matyr card or Green Ferus card. +7~9
    · Manteau with nox or ray, I’d prefer nox considering you will be going in precast and not defending. +6~7
    · Your weapon matters just as much as everything else, the best possible combo of cards to do the most damage to the emp would be 2x AK 1x Desert Wolf. A cheaper alternative would be 1x Desert Wolf 2x orc skeleton.
    · Ring Of Muscle (+4 STR) Two of these OR one and Errende Ebecee.
    · Errende Ebecee Card Rings (This gives you the ability to Pneuma of an emp/tank ranged attacks and make sure SW’s don’t continue to come up on the emp. An amazing card for breaking emps.)
    The goal of a SG breaking emps isn’t to require your entire guild to be in the emp room with you, but to beable to do it alone or before your guild gets to the emp. Seeing as your party members just have to be on the same map as you, you can get bonus and get to the emp and destroy it before they even get to it.
    Buffs and Stats!
    Saving a castle map (Emp Rooms)
    Once you reset, you should be given the option to reset your feel maps. Do it, and use them on a few castles you think you are going to attack (save in the emp room). This will give you the attack bonus that you would get from DEX and LUK that you would get at thors. And you get the ability to use heat when on the emp, which can help.
    Full adrenaline rush
    Full adren rush is an amazing skill for you, at all costs try to get into a WS party, that way you can get 190 aspd very easily. It also is a huge part of your build, other wise you have to sacrifice a ton of stat points in order to get high ASPD.
    I suggest using +5 str food because it’s pretty easy to get and buy, and other basic foods that you think you have the ability to make. Foods help a lot when it comes to emp breaking.
    Flying side kick
    This skill is key when it comes to breaking the emp, not only can you FSK the emp and be inside of it (making it harder for people to target you), but you can dispel links if you feel the need to. It also is very good for getting through precast. Flying side kick has plenty of uses, getting through precast, getting rid of links (though this really isn’t your job, seeing as you can die pretty easily I wouldn’t try that with a SinX), it also dispels ASPD pots.
    Warm Wind
    This or cursed water, you want dark element.
    Union is what makes SG’s so good at what they do, allowing you to bypass the defence of the emp and do a ton of damage.
    Use it on the emp to drain the SP of others around you.
    This skill is awesome for getting over things, making it even easier to bypass a pre-cast and get to the emp.
    This skill is alright, for when you are running to the emp/through the castle, but not something you will be using all the time. You won’t get the attack bonus wearing a weapon either.
    This video demonstrates some of what a SG can do in WoE. Credits to Duriel.
    Here is another video that shows a SG emp breaking, though, he has no party. Which makes him a lot weaker.
    · STR: You want at least 120.
    · AGi: With full adrenaline rush, you only need around 50 with no AGI equips and level 8 shadow to have 190 aspd.
    · Vit: You want a ton of this, to avoid being stunned and dying easily. Around 7x.
    · DEX: You don’t want a ton of dex, but at least 2x-3x.
    · LUK: If you have any left over points, put them into luk, because the map that you saved will give you the same bonus as it would as if you were at thors.
    After reading my guide, or at least skimming it; I hope you get the basic idea of how effective for emp breaking (with the right situation) that star gladiators can be. That, and how effectively you can level with just basic equips.

    In conclusion, I hope you learned a bit about the Star gladiator class and that they can be used for more than mindless leeching and MvPing. They have various uses and should be used by more players!

    Source: http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/star-gladiator-guide/

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