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    Server Updates 11-20-2010 [SERVER'S UP!]


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    Server Updates 11-20-2010 [SERVER'S UP!] Empty Server Updates 11-20-2010 [SERVER'S UP!]

    Post  Administrator on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:51 pm

    Server Updates 01-09-2011

    SERVER UP!!!

    Server Updates 12-20-2010

    WaterDrop Brooch "Aqua Elemental" Added
    Go 11 pvp area "you can use warps for newbie
    CardShop is Back!
    Dic_Dun02 turns into no pvp area

    Server Updates 12-15-2010

    maseph = moc_fild07
    Vote For Points Added
    Hat MAker 2 Added
    Blue Card = MVP DROP
    How to get TCG? = Use the DUNGEON WARPER to warp dic_dun02"blue card needed"
    Blue Charm Stones? 80pcs = 1TCG "you can ony get this to dic_dun02"
    WOE Treasure chest = TCG DROPS

    Server Updates 11-15-2010

    - Bapho Horn Quest
    - Launcher New Design
    - Job Rewards (null)
    - Adding More Events!

    Server Updates 11-05-2010
    - PVP Stats Viewer NPC Fixed
    - Vote For Points Fixed
    - Updated Website
    - Disabled @warp command on El Discastes Dungeon
    - Distribution of CD Installers from Shop Owners Yipee!

    Server Updates 11-04-2010

    - Fixed ClashRO Official Website www.clashro.com cheers cheers cheers
    - Updated Download Link for ClashRO Client + Mini Patcher
    - Cart weight limit is set to 8k
    - Fixed Status Point Distribution
    - Increase High Orc number in alde_dun02
    - Card Remover placed at prt_in 28 68
    - Experience increased to 10k/10k/10k
    - Slotted Glasses Quest Added at Alberta
    - Morroc turned to PK Map
    - Added Dota PK Sound in PVP
    - increased Dokkaebi number in pay_dun04
    - Fixed Hello Mother Headgear Quest
    - Fixed Louyang New Year Hat Quest

    Server Updates 11-03-2010

    - Added MVP Warper
    - Added Hatmaker (Beta)
    (Note: If you find any Hat that is bugged, feel free to post in our Bug Section
    - Added Godz Quest Warper
    - Added Identifier
    - Added Dungeon Warper (El Discastes)
    - Added Test Your Strength
    - Added Icepick Trader

    Server Updates 11-02-2010

    - Fixed Stylist NPC
    - Added Mall Warper
    - Added TCG Trader
    - Added Charm Stone Trader
    - Fixed Class Master
    - Berry Trader

    Server Updates 11-01-2010
    - Added Coin Trader
    - Added Class Master
    - Added Custom NPC's cheers [i]

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