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    [GUIDE] Blue Charm stone


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    [GUIDE] Blue Charm stone

    Post  Silentstorm on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:12 pm

    Guide for the Blue Charm stone - TCG quest

    Go to the "EarnPoints Warper" NPC

    Location: prontera 164,191

    You Need to have to be able to enter the dungeon.

    "Blue G Card"
    Dropped by the MVP monsters.

    Choose "dic_dun02"


    Collect "Blue Charm Stones"

    and Trade it to TCG
    80 pcs Blue charm Stone = 1 TCG

    if you have already collected 80 pcs blue charm stones
    you can trade your blue charm stones here:

    "CharmStone TRADER" NPC

    Location: prontera 164,162

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