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    Hourly points Reward / TOP 5 Online Players Event

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    Hourly points Reward / TOP 5 Online Players Event

    Post  wakemeup on Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:54 am

    We have decided to implement the hourly points reward because we will have a very nice event this year.

    name of event: Top Online Event
    For the top 5 players atleast you have 720 hrs for 2 months.every hour you will get a pod.

    From January 08,2010 to March 08,2010 only and the npc will closed!

    Top 5: If you reach 720 hrs already then get your price to Admin or just msg us at clashro@ymail.com "facebook"
    reward: LKH + 1gr+1TG+1TGK + 300m

    rank 6: atleast you have completed 600 hrs
    You will recieve a consolation prices dont worry

    consolation reward:150 tcgs

    conversion: 720 hrs = 720 pods
    600hrs = 600 pods

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